About the residency

We welcome others to our home as a way of getting to know each other and of recognizing each other, a bright line in the paths we follow. We receive people from far-flung places, setting a course together, weaving emotional ties, and perhaps even becoming partners in crime.

Receiving people at our homes is a common practice in this territory. We receive people for eating, for celebrating, for saying farewell, for death’s arrival as well as life’s arrival. We receive people for playing and we even receive them unexpectedly. But in this instance we want to generate and to nurture a creative process among all, and to share this process with others. Welcoming people simply for the sake of welcoming more people.

What does the residency include?

  • Workspace
  • Access to workshops
  • Field trips
  • Check-ups
  • Conversations with different cultural agents
  • Meals
  • Bed
  • A guide to independent art projects in Oaxaca
  • Exhibition


To receive people we will lay down some rules:

→ We will open up our process for discussion.
→ We will give working hours to our collaborators.
→ We will take care of ourselves and of everyone involved in the process.
→ We will be attentive to social differences and be open to change.

With these rules, we will build together a temporary shelter, taking care of each other so that we can move forward or backward or to the side, but in any case wherever we need to go.


  • The price of the residency is $2,500 USD plus transfer fees (Paypal).
  • Payments will be made in two installments: 50% once the results are posted, and the other 50% a week before the residency begins.

Important dates

  • The call for applications will be open from the launch date to April 30, 2022.
  • The official selection will be announced on May 9 via email and via the Instagram account of Mvseo Privadø.
  • The residency will take place in Oaxaca, Mexico, from June 3-July 2, 2022.
  • We will open a second residency period for September 2022.

Meet the team

Goyo Desgarennes Garzón

(Oaxaca, 1984) Self-taught art promoter and curator, occasional artist, photographer of the early stages of the anthropocene and writer with more doubts than answers. Goyo has worked with several independent art projects in Oaxaca such as Imposible, Trayectivo, and Jardín

He is now the director and curator of Mvseo Privadø.

〰 @goyodesgrz

Sara Martínez Ortiz

Sara is a Mexican writer and artist. She works with digital tools, poetry, and experimental writing. In 2018 she represented Mexico as a resident artist at the 13th Biennial of Contemporary Art in Dakar, Senegal. In 2020 she founded the collective aLive Archive with the poet and artist Ruby Brunton.

〰 @identikitten

Israel Viadest

Israel is an artist and multimedia designer. He has an undergraduate degree in Visual Arts (specializing in Plastic Arts) from the Autonomous University of Querétaro (2010) and a master’s degree in Media Design from the Haute École de Art et Design in Geneva Switzerland (2017).

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